Kural Döküm Sanayi was founded in the Küçükbalıklı district of Bursa in 1976. With time, the production space available became insufficient for expanding operations and the facilities were moved to the Metal Casting Complex (Dökümcüler Sitesi) of Nilüfer Organized Industrial Zone. Kural Döküm Sanayi demonstrates its future vision and ambitions by conducting systematic mass production works that incorporate grinding, sandblasting, assembly, molding and woodworks. 

In 2009, Kural Döküm started its Quality Management System efforts and gained the right to receive the ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management Certificate in November 2009. 

Kural Döküm Company has received the CE and certificates as part of quality managements systems.



As the time goes by, Kural Döküm Sanayi solidifies its reputation of an honest and reliable company it has gained in the industry relying good references and years of on experience in manufacturing parts for the machine industry, heaters and heating systems industry, automotive industry, agricultural machines, sitting sets for parks and gardens, decorative fountains and accessories, rainwater drainage meshes, manhole covers, road and sidewalk curbs and heating boiler meshes.

Relying on a highly qualified and experiences staff, Kural Döküm Sanayi has adopted the principles of customer satisfaction, timely delivery, high quality and work ethics and has shaped its mission in the industy accordingly.

Kural Döküm Sanayi takes pride in serving its customers and the manufacturing industry in general. The product and the manufacturing industry in general. The product range is not limited by the catalog. Ordered items can be manufactured in cast pig iron and cast aluminium.